NJ Supah stah!

Hey NJ!

You are my eNVy


C’mon and set me free

Hey DJ

Pump up the beat now

She’s jumpin

an’ turnin’

an’ movin’

Groovin likah supah stah!

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Its awright… Its awright
Time to stand up and fight
Its awright… Its awright
Face the demon inside

Not true… Not true ooooh! hooo!
Answer to the question and prove
When it rains… on what remains
Giving it up is insane

They wanna beat you up (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
They wanna cut you down (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
Ever and ever (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
and prove you wrong (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)

Jump out and go to war (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
light up like eye of ra (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
Win your right or (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)
rather die fighting (~Chorus~Fight Fight Fight Fight~Chorus~)

Its awright… Its awright
Time to stand up and fight
Its awright… Its awright
Face the demon inside

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Believe (Experiment)

Winter’s been cold
and I’ve been told
Days are longer
Songs they’re sombre

Believe I will wait for those first leaves
Believe the Grey will turn to Green

All the things we had
Some good and some bad
The scars they heal
Some stay but some leave

Believe you will come with the first bloom
If I’m the words you’re my tune

The sun will shine, the birds shall fly
Candle lights, all through night

The spring will come, set us free
Hand in hand, you and me

The sun will shine, the birds shall fly
Candle lights, all through night

The spring will come, set us free
Hand in hand, you and me

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Did it rain?

I got no friend
Got no money
Life’s not fair
God thats not funny

Staaaanding in my dooooorwaaay
A paaaauper with a haaaaat
He points me to the sky n says
Its gonnnna rain get baaaack

Pushed him to a side
Flashes of lightnin’
Need a drink
Liquor imbibin’

Gawwwthic muuusic blaaaaring
Spppillin on to the streeeet
Bartender a gaaaangling
I stumbled upon a seat

In the bar
Sippin wine
Girl with a sweet smile
Tells me its time

She pushed the cheque in front o’ me
Staaaaared at her instead
Three sheets into the wind
I whispered to her and said…

I got no friend
Got no money
Life’s not fair
She’s said… Same here honey

Staaaanding in the dooooorwaaay
The paaaauper with that haaaaat
He points me to the sky n says
Its gonnnna rain get baaaack

– Vivek Vallathol

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Keep Walking

Have you ever fell
Free falling… free falling
into the blue


Have you ever felt
Like something… like something
you need to prove

I met a man
holy one saffron clad
like a saint
talked to me of destiny
and he says

Keep on walking
Keep on walking
Even when you feel like falling
Walk like there’s no pain

Keep on dreaming
Keep on dreaming
A dawn will break across the night
Don’t dream if you cannot fight

All the time our lives
Its moving tick tocking
marching outta sight

The world is conspiring
Stop waiting Start doing
What you really like

I met a ghost
gloomy and in monochrome
and i asked
if he had another chance
and he cries

I’ll keep on walking
keep on walking
Even if I know I’ll fall
Stamp ahead… I’ll have a ride

I’ll keep on dreaming
keep on dreaming
I know there’s dawn will live the night
I’ll dream… and I will fight

– Vivek Vallathol

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Madras Bulls – Newbie meeting


Its now official! I’m part of the 150 strong bullet club – THE MADRAS BULLS – affectionately known as The Mad bulls!

We all were grouped up and there were more than the regular crowd. I realized that the crowd was big since there is an RM around the corner.

For you all simpler souls who still don’t own a bullet yet let me explain what a RM is…

RM is an acronym for rider mania. RMs are organized by various clubs across the country that rides royal enfield motorcycles. This year the meghalaya RE club (Royal Enfield Riders’ Association of Meghalaya) is organizing the RM. So riders from Chennai were all present for the madbulls meeting to take final instructions on the ride. One group is traveling from Chennai – Vijaywada – Vizag – Bhubaneswar – Kolkatta – Guwahati – Shillong!! And another group who has already shipped their bullets to Guwhati will ride to Shillong and ride back to Chennai on road!!!

Let me atleast start Chennai – B’lore and Chennai- Calicut!!

Apparently “Rider Mania” not to be confused with RM is now an official event organized by Royal Enfield Ltd and they own the copyright to “rider mania”.

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Quote from El Secreto de sus Ojos

  1. “My whole life I’ve looked forward…Backwards is out of my jurisdiction…I declare myself incompetent”
  2. “A Guy can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girl friend, his religion, his god. But there is one thing he can’t change…He can’t change his passion”

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Beyond the regular

Me..Vivek and Arjun visited the Beyond Indus a couple of days back. It had a nice high ceiling…something oval about everything there right from the table to the chairs / sofa around the table to the crockery. They give you unlimited papad with curd mixed with olives to dip. We ordered a Mutton Biriyani, lahori chicken dish and a paneer dish. Roti’s and Kulchas too. Our waiter told us that it would take 20 minutes but we got it in 5. The Veg dish was amazing and the chicken gravy was great. The muttonB was a let down. The rice was over-cooked and the meat was just not there. So we called the waiter and gave a feedback. The people were nice enough to remove the mutton biriyani from the bill. Of course we had it all. 🙂

Before we got the final reversal of the mutton biriyani there was a bit of confusion and we were generally joking amongst ourselves what if we decided to write to Ratan Tata…

Respected Sir,

We had recently visited your esteemed Taj Mount Road. We had planned for a nice fine dining went beyond indus. We ordered a biriyani dish and 2 side dishes. The biriyani we got was not only over cooked but also we had to search for mutton pieces. I should however add that the chef was quite liberal in adding 4 bone pieces. I got 2 and my friend got the other 2. We tried to get the the marrow out of the bones which in case you were not aware can be achieved by first gently tapping the bone on the table if no luck then tap a bit harder if still no luck then the final try by wrapping it with your table cloth and use the salt (or pepper) pot and bang them on the well wrapped bone. We tried the third degree but alas no luck. I should at this junction bring to your notice that we had some nasty looks from the mizo hostess. Please take note that Borat (really that was his name in the bill) tried his best to warn us off the mutton biriyani. He gave a disclaimer. Oh hold on there sir…There is a bit of scramble amongst the Manager, waiter and the chef….Oh the chef is just walking towards us…

…very little meat in the biriyani…ahan…mmmhhmm….ok…instead of taking it off the bill or giving me the same dish again can you give me a voucher?…oh…ok….hmmm….take it off the bill….yeap….thanks…thank you…

Ratanji…good news…you’ve not been let down sir…the Tata heritage lives….hallelujah! Long live Taj…Long live Borat….burrrrp!

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Hello world!

I still don’t believe that I managed to get my own french beard. I feel like a deaf guy who won an ipod. I will try to do some justice to this site. I just need some interesting experiences…I just need some interesting experiences…I just need some interesting experiences…hah…interesting experiences….I went to the subway eat-out today…shit….where am i gonna find interesting experiences….shit…shit…shit…

Hello World!!!

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